The Musical Artistry of
Judith Alstadter

Music: Pathway to Wellness, Relaxation, and Optimal Living
Spirituality, Meditation, and Music

     Music has the power to heal, soothe, relax, inspire, uplift, thrill, and excite us.  It helps bring us closer to our true selves.

Music can be used for...
Stress Reduction
Improved Concentration
Enhanced Creativity and Performance
Increased Energy
Create a Sense of Order
Inspiration and Upliftment
Greater Individual and Interpersonal Harmony
Improved Physical Well-being and Health
Sense of Community
Joy and Fun

Workshops and Retreats for...
Business and Corporations
Health Facilities and Centers
Community Groups
Religious and Spiritual Organizations
Conferences and Conventions
Retreat Centers

Workshops and Seminars Include ...
Guided Musical Meditations
Piano Performance
Spirituality, Meditation, and Music
Group Sharing
Quiet Reflection
Congenial Friends
Being in Nature (whenever possible)

What participants say ...

"You do so much to bring people joy ... through music ...
a day such as this truly reinforces the genuine spirit
of all bondedness that weaves us all together."

"Your day was enthusiastically received by the people who attended,
and your piano playing was exquisite."

"Your caring personality emits a feeling of peacefulness through your
music that touches the soul.  It is an enriching and uplifting experience."

"A most inspirational, insightful, and deeply moving experience."

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