The Musical Artistry of
Judith Alstadter

Recitals Include:
Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary
"Vienna to Broadway"
"Classics to Jazz"
"Women Composers: Romantic to Ragtime"
"Romantic Piano Sampler"
"Music with a French Accent"
All - Chopin
Invitation to the Dance

Keyboard Lectures Include:
"The Enjoyment of Music"
"The Miracle of Mozart"
"Highlights of Gilbert and Sullivan"
"Lovers in Opera"
"From Klezmer to Classics"
"Women Composers from Around the World"
"George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein: American Idols"

Seminars and Workshops Include:
"Music: Pathway to Wellness, Relaxation, and Optimal Living"
"Keeping in Keyboard Shape for the Busy Teacher"
"Creative and Effective Piano Teaching"
"How to Practice Effectively"
"Mastering Performance Anxiety Through Mastering the Mind"

Master Classes Include:
Piano (solo and ensemble)
Chamber music

For availability and booking, please contact Judith Alstadter at or at

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